From The Boot: “The Storm Windows milk the gentle groove of the folk-rock of their youth on “Sweet Amelia.” The song, which invokes classic jangle rock sounds, is an irresistible foot-tapper, even as the pair sing about an unattainable love. It’s sweet, nostalgic, sad, and catchy as hell: all the ingredients that make a perfect rock song. Rob and Don’s true blood harmonies give the tune a sense of depth and the feel of lived experience.”

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Cover Me Web Site gives a nice review of The Storm Windows’ single from our forthcoming album

The Storm Windows Release Latin/Jazz/Folk Version of Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love”

“The Storm Windows reinvent ‘Somebody to Love’ with their new Latin jazz-folk cover. The opening of the track is utterly unrecognizable, beginning with solo acoustic guitar, but quickly turning into a Latin jazz-folk groove, with Latin percussion and a smooth jazz saxophone.”