Infrared Magazine Covers Single Debut – The Storm Windows “Love is Like a Spy”

Infrared Magazine Covers Single Debut – The Storm Windows

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“Love is Like a Spy” from Americana duo, The Storm Windows
February 11, 2022

After taking a hiatus from their Greenwich Village residency at The Back Fence and frequent gigs around New York City due to other personal and professional responsibilities, “the lure of the 3:00 a.m. Friday night’s late set at The Back Fence remained, like a fish hook caught on the lower lip, and slowly reeled us back in,” admit the Mathews brothers.

The Storm Windows “surveys the American landscape, like a cross-country adventure (including up through Canada) in a VW bus,” they explain. Rob currently resides in London for part of the year in which he can view the American experience — for better or for worse — through an objective lens. “The songs chosen for this are mostly focused on the opportunity of the ongoing experiment, rather than its challenges, which we’ve saved for the second album,” discloses Rob.

The Storm Windows are proficient in performing both as an original band and cover band. On The Storm Windows they chose songs from both categories to showcase their strengths. Rob and Don Mathews provide the core sound, along with some friends and hired hands to help out on drums and the occasional pedal steel. The album was recorded using LogicPro and a Mac laptop, “wherever and whenever there was an electrical outlet and some inspiration to commemorate,” they share.

The Mathews brothers conclude that “on one level the album is just a bunch of songs we like to listen to and perform, and half of which we wrote.” But it’s also a travelogue: part road trip; part nostalgia for something lost; part optimism for something coming. Not in any order. We hope people tune into that.”

The Storm Windows Track Listing:

“Life is a Railroad”

“Time to Start Building a Boat”

“The Telling Takes Me Home”

“Northwest Passage”

“Love is Like a Spy”

“The Wayward Wind”

“Hey Step-Sister”

“Bells of Norwich”

“I Am Part Wind”

“A Sailor’s Prayer”

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